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The Waterfront Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to The Waterfront

Cape-Town-Waterfront-panoramaThe Waterfront area of Cape Town stands on the foundations of an original 18th century village, with quaint cottages rubbing shoulders with some of the liveliest nightspots in the city. Visitors to Cape Town looking for a friendly welcome should head for The Waterfront. Accommodation options in the area range from budget hostels to luxury hotels, as well as apartments for more independent holidaymakers.

Top Things to do in The Waterfront

If you are looking to spend only a short time in this part of Cape Town, head for Cape Quarter. Far more than just a shopping centre, Cape Quarter is also home to art galleries and outdoor parks.

Take some time to explore the historic section of The Waterfront too, where some of the buildings date from 1760.

It is also worth spending an evening in the area to take advantage of the excellent range of restaurants.

The Waterfront Hotels

The-Victoria-and-Albert-waterfrontAs you would expect from such a young and trendy area, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to cheap and cheerful hotels in The Waterfront. Budget hostels sit comfortably alongside luxury hotels in this part of Cape Town. The Waterfront accommodation options also include apartments, ideal for families and travellers hoping to sample as many of the local restaurants as possible.

Nightlife: Pubs and Clubs

Celebrated as one of Cape Town's most gay friendly areas, The Waterfront is home to several lively gay bars and clubs, all of which welcome straight customers too. The most well known is Cafe Manhattan, a staple of the city's gay scene since 1994, and the busiest place to meet up for a night out any night of the week. Serving food, South African wines, cocktails and with live entertainment throughout the week this is the best venue for both gay and straight tourists to experience the The Waterfront nightlife. The Waterfront is also known for its Cuban bars, where salsa dancing is more likely to be on the menu.

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