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What We Do

South Africans can search and compare from over 10 million property listings here in South Africa and Worldwide to find not just cheap deals on hotels, but also apartments, villas, resorts, cottages and more. We have all your options covered. Even though our name implies “cheap” you can be assured that we cover everything from luxury to budget. More often than not you can find deals here that are far cheaper what you can pay directly. Then you have the comfort also of our 24/7 customer support to assist if you need help.

All rates are fully inclusive or as described by each property. We do not charge credit card fees and free cancellations* apply in most instances. What you see is what you get. Our intention is to make it easy for you – we just give you the best value with cheap deals on accommodation including the best brands, and the widest range of places to stay from over 10 million listing choices in South African and Worldwide.